Saturday, May 10, 2008

three. sunblind

Now that the headache from the other day has worn off and is in perspective, I laugh about it to myself and with the rest of my friends, it's a good one. Today isn't really going to consist of all that much, I had the most perfect breakfast which consists of a bowl of honey nut cheerios, chocolate milk,  which is later followed up by a cup of tea, I suggest you try this formula. As far as the rest of today I'm probably going to walk milo, and read the breakfast of champions until I go and see paint it black tonight, which should be fun. 

I have come to find that as of late my writing is boring, lacking content, creativity and overall thought. I used to be able to create entire worlds, people and places which somehow intertwined with my own, soaked in metaphors, and feeding the starved for thought. This is just updates on my life lately, and that is fucking unbearably boring, not even I want to read it. I guess you cant be overly creative 24/7 but I like to be more often than not, It makes me feel like I'm getting work done. Which brings to mind another thought I've been having lately. I'm writing more in an attempt to fill the void that no schoolwork has left. It sounds crazy but the only reason I miss school is because I don't use my brain anymore, I don't apply my thoughts to anything that isn't being graded or picked apart. So I write and read more than I ever used to, I am filling the void I just never thought I would miss school, especially for the reasons I just listed. It could be better, there's no doubt about it So I'm going to work to make it better.

This is boring, I've got nothing of substance to say today

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