Tuesday, August 17, 2010

84. Perfecting Lonliness

With the flick of a wrist and an adjustment to light.
Crushed by a set of pale blue yes, perfection in yellow.
Feelings long forgotten, or buried you decide which.
All came barreling back furiously.
I should have been focused on sleep.
I should have been focused on having the time of my life.
But there you were, perfection in yellow.
Inverted determination.
Long walks, and the threat of rain.
Comfortably indiscriminate.
Quietly discerning.
Thinking loudly.
"Everything I saw, was everything I'd want"
Left now with nothing but this.
Longing for something more.
Searching for something sure.
Trying for something pure.

Waiting in idle.

Absolutely yours,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

83. snarky little shit eater

<a href="http://trblmkr.bandcamp.com/track/ii">II by t r o u b l e m a k e r</a>

Dedicated to you, and all your smarmy, thinly veiled journal entries.
I stopped caring a long time ago
stop fucking writing about me.

I can never take
what you will never give.
Defining your movement
Forcing the drift.
Its always the permanence that fades before my interest even starts to wane.
memories maintain a miserable even keel
I am Nothing
For Nobody
Left to your own devices
waiting for moments to fall into your hands
So Misdirected
So fucking dejected
All I feel is repulsion
towards all your compulsions.
All that I see,
is what we'll never be

Sunday, August 8, 2010

82. highway hypnosis

Broken spirits, and broken white lines.
Aimless muggy walks, curbside life discussions, all sparked by the need for something.
The summer starvation and for some its a sweltering salvation.
Resting your eyes in fifth gear, 32 fluid ounces of iced liquid ambition.
It never helps.
Lack of focus at 80 MPH.
Lights flash,
the quiet hum of a transmission.
No respite,
no shelter.
Summer starvation in the haze of mental swelter.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

81. we hung our clothes up on the floor

You think you're sly.
They bite the bait, you reel them in reeling, a new conquest newly conquered.
An oil change is a small price to pay in the long run.
Twisting of sheets.
Turning the truth in your favor.
Young and far from impressionable, get off as much as possible.
"Lets get you some strange".
Running for so long.
Longing to run.
You're so charming and clever.
Witty and eccentric.
Look at you go.
Putting your faith in closed doors.

one day...