Monday, May 12, 2008

four. one of those days

The frustration I harbor towards my life grows with each day that passes. I'm sick of working a dead end nowhere job with the same nowhere people, I'm sick of doing nothing with my degree, I'm sick of being broke, Im sick of paying bills, I'm sick of living in this nowhere town. I'm sick of complacency and settling for what is easy, I may be angry but that doesn't mean I can't direct that frustration towards the negative things that inhibit me.

I am sick of reminding myself of my father.

The time for me to change myself for the better is now, I won't be a slave to second best anymore, I refuse to let myself become the bastards that infest, infect, and curse my family, and curse my name. I am not you,  I will never be you, I taught myself better than that.

never ever again

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