Monday, April 5, 2010

65. Finished lyrics- CMND/CTRL

Here are some finished troublemaker songs for whatever up coming release we're going to take our time on. 
I thought I would share them for anyone who is interested. 

The following song I would like to consider as a first hand account from a child eyes, 23 years later.

I'll take your abuse,

I'll confide in your "love".

I'll put on your ring

I'll walk down the aisle 

You take a swing

I force a smile

You took your meds

I took our child

Further away...

Further away

I'm rotting, decaying.

You're lifeless, degrading

This following song is dedicated to the greater Los Angeles area.


I, I never wanted this, I talk to no one and notice everything.

I, I never thought of the pain. I believe in nothing I doubt everything. 

I'm standing trial, and I'm so afraid. 

Being left alone is all I know. Selfless wreck with no room for growth.

I, I have no purpose and I hate all that I've become.

I always had to shoulder the guilt, but still crumble under the weight of your words.

I grind my teeth to the gums because I'm desperate.

I'm finding solace in nothing, full of resentment

You maintain your composure while I  just fall apart  

I still exist in my own self made mess

Thanks for reading.