Wednesday, December 16, 2009

52. In the kitchen again

I'm folding my laundry after a long day of nothing. Work starts in 8 hours, and any normal person would be in bed right? Good thing I'm not any normal person.  I'm listening to SQRM for the first time. I like it. Spastic, raw, and snotty.  Attritbutes that should be embodied by every "punk" band, I think. If you are into that kind of thing I highly suggest that you look them up on the internet. They have no web page, no myspace, no nothing. They're from Massachusetts and the only way to hear them is to go see them or download it. I'm not going to post any links on here so just find them for yourself. SQRM, do not sleep.

Moving on. 
Listen, I read things, I read into even more. Maybe a lot more than any regular person should. I go over scenarios, details, and outlooks in my head until it physically hurts to think about them. I'm not as stupid, or as naive as you would maybe like to think I am. If you truly feel the way you do, if you are physically disgusted by me then come on out and tell me. Let me know. I've spent far too much time and put far too much effort into being one of the best friends I can be to you simply to have you feel the way you do. It's not a good feeling to have, I have enough to worry about. I don't want it to be like this I never did. 

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