Wednesday, November 26, 2008

21. Bend and you wave

There is rotten produce in the refrigerator, and little to nothing to defrost and cook in the freezer. All the cereal is close to being finished, were out of sugar, and almost out of coffee. If I didn't have tea I'd say I'm facing a serious problem; I however have plenty and am on my third cup. The house is quiet and all the lights were off when I got home. I've been online since then, looking for something to slowly murder my time. So I'm updating. I've been itching to write so I figure its only appropriate. 
I've been in a slightly steady frame of mind which once again I can't tell if its helpful or detrimental to my mental health. Fuck it I've lost interest I'll come back to this another time

"Start over, it's no way to begin"

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