Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Twenty. Acquiescence

I have been blindingly busy, There hasn't really been much time for me to monitor my focus on something for more than five minutes. I write a lot in my private journal on my fancy commuter train, I eat well, I read, I started exercising again, I work too fucking much at a job that I'm really good at pretending to care about, and I allow my mind to wander to deep recesses I never thought possible. It's all the same trivial bullshit that I have been writing for twenty or so journal entries, I'm sick of writing it, and I'm sure whoever reads this shit is sick of reading it. This bit is no fucking different. I need coherent passion and be able to focus on something for more than five minutes.  Music does it for me, I love kassi and I love my dog, I just allow myself to get paranoid because of my inability to focus. Thats the other constant Paranoia, and inabilities. A Horrible way t conduct your daily life if you ask me, but you get used to it after a while.

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