Tuesday, August 17, 2010

84. Perfecting Lonliness

With the flick of a wrist and an adjustment to light.
Crushed by a set of pale blue yes, perfection in yellow.
Feelings long forgotten, or buried you decide which.
All came barreling back furiously.
I should have been focused on sleep.
I should have been focused on having the time of my life.
But there you were, perfection in yellow.
Inverted determination.
Long walks, and the threat of rain.
Comfortably indiscriminate.
Quietly discerning.
Thinking loudly.
"Everything I saw, was everything I'd want"
Left now with nothing but this.
Longing for something more.
Searching for something sure.
Trying for something pure.

Waiting in idle.

Absolutely yours,

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XOXO-productions said...

las inconquistables la novela de la que todos estan hablando ¿te atreves a entrar?