Tuesday, June 15, 2010

77. I swear I have nothing to prove

leave me alone
for you know this isn't the first time
In fact this is twice in a row
that the angels have slipped through our landslide
and filled up our garden with snow
and I dont wish to taste of your insides
or to call out your name through my phone
for the glory boys at your bedside
will love you as long as you're something to own

So many things go through my head at the same time, so many memories, so many emotions. It's never been an exciting, positive or happy feeling.

Why start now?

The constant invariable is dying for variables.
He is thirsty for change
He is hungry for love
He is deprived of all of it.
While everything everyone could want or need to make them happy falls into their lap, he sits quietly and painfully in the corner watching while they get it.
All this work
All this effort
All this time wasted
All these emotions squandered

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mr_nice_guy said...

I love your poems and blogs, very powerful....