Wednesday, May 19, 2010

73. tangled up in flat black

I could keep you all to myself
Hanging on to waiting for moments to fall in your lap.
Left to your own devices,
a victim to your own ruin.
Others accountable for self-inflicted wounds,
I know you've got to be free.
You see in spirals that only go down,
a kaleidoscope of self-implosion.
I dream in flat black,
all these monotone memories maintain a miserable even keel.
One day they'll catch up,
to all your hiccups.
A lifestyle so inedible,
a reaction so un-incredible.
Surprise was never an option.
It was mandatory,
in accordance with the same old story.
My repulsion,
towards your compulsions.
Your pleasures for all this judgement will one day turn on you.
So free yourself

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