Tuesday, August 4, 2009

39: Live my life for me and for no one else

I want to take this opportunity to express my deep and sincere adoration for what this band was. 
If you never heard Anderson Bradshaw speak in between songs, 
If you never put their records on in your car, your ipod your stereo, if you never went to see them in a live setting. 
Then you'll probably never get just what they meant to me, and not NEARLY enough people that aren't me. 
This band was truly a sight to behold, barring certain member current personal choices they were a band that stood up for what they believed in, 
said what they had to say, and did what they had to do regardless of what anyone had to say about it. 
Their tenure was something truly magical and something that I will not ever forget.

I saw a movie tonight and it really struck a chord with me. 
I dont say this about movies too often but there was certain dialogue and scenes that really related
to some of the emotions that I have been feeling. 
A reaction like that is rare and I had to pause for a moment within it just to remember what it was like.
Interesting how something so small and "meaningless" like movie dialogue can be related to something so drastic within you

nodding out.

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