Monday, February 9, 2009

twenty seven. don't depend on hope to get you by

This album is going to change the course of musical history. I have never had more faith in a group of individuals that come together where this is the outcome.
At the risk of being called a name dropper I have known these people for a very long time, I've seen them at their best worst and everything in between. I walked from Penn station to I know how much of themselves they have tirelessly poured into the inception, recording and completion of this record. It has taken what seems like forever and finally on the cusp of being released they're simultaneously breathing nervous sighs of relief. So am I.   I know that we haven't stayed in touch due to schedules getting in the way and the perils of getting older but I have never felt more proud of anyone or anything than I do for Collin, Leif, Chris and Hodge (because yes he recorded the record). I can't wait til this falls like and 800 ton sack of atomic death in to the collective lap of the masses and everyone has to sit back and rethink and relearn everything they thought about insightful music and lyrics.

This is going to change everything, and for that I am honored, humbled and proud. Maybe one day they will see this.

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robert said...

Probably the most true thing I've ever read, and I'm glad someone else shares the same thoughts and opinions as me about the matter.